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If you Like adventure ,Sea, Forest Or the sand With the sea, and Holyday tour that will take you far from the Calcutta city crowds, Tajpur is the new Tourist place to be. Just a 4 hour drive from Calcutta, Tajpur lies on the way to last decade’s popular Sea beach haunt – Digha.Mandarmani,Shankarpur In the last few years, following the exhaustion of tourist possibilities in Digha Sights, West Bengal has witnessed the emergence of quite a few other coastal tourist spots. If I say Shankarpur and Mandarmoni, you will definitely know what I’m talking about. This Vergin beach is about 175 kms from Kolkata, and is at the place where a river meets the sea. The mohona is perhaps the reason why you have such crazy waves here. Like Chandipur, the sea at Tajpur recedes and advances at different times of the day. Since our group comprised mostly working people, we decided to start out early Saturday morning. As you can imagine, getting 19 people together at 6 o’clock in the morning is quite an achievement in itself, but nevertheless we did set out at the stipulated time and with a short breakfast stopover at the Kolaghat Azad Hind, we made it to Tajpur around 11-11.15. Although there are a few other hotels in the area, we’d chosen the Tajpur Hotels Palm Village Resort it was closest to the beach.hotels in tajpur rates are So Costly In fact, hotels at tajpur homely atmosphere.Tajpur Beach Is Vergin And Flat.

Way to Distance From Kolkata To Tajpur
Kolkata – Kolaghat : 72Kms
Kolkata – Nandakumar : 101kms
Kolkata – Contai (Kanthi) : 154Kms
Kolkata – Chaulkhola : 165Kms
Kolkata – Alampur – 173kms
Kolkata – Tajpur – 175kms
The Total Trip from Kolkata To Tajpur around 4 hours.
By Road Kolkata To Tajpur

If coming from from Kharagpur drive down the Mumbai Highway. This is a good road but drivers need to be careful of the buses and trucks travelling at high speed. Drive for about 40 km till Belda where you have to leave the Chennai Highway and turn left to enter Belda village and proceed towards Egra. This road is comparatively narrow and filled with potholes. Clusters of small villages and towns will come up regularly. From Egra a sharp right hand turn will lead you to Contai from where the road extends towards Digha. You may also continue straight from Egra to reach Kanthi (Contai) and then take a right turn from there to reach Alampur Balisai. From Alampur there is a sharp left turn leading towards Tajpur. The road side area is densely populated on both sides and the road has speed breakers placed maybe every few hundred meters. Be extremely careful while driving on this road as the speed breakers may be a bit too high for cars with low ground clearance. There is no electricity in this area and it is strictly advisable to travel before dark. This road will lead towards Tajpur village where one can go directly towards the beach or take a right turn and travel parallel to the Tajpur beach In Westbengal. for approximately a 100 m, from there one can enter the Tajpur Westbengal beach. By Bus Kolkata To Tajpur

From Kolkata, catch a bus at Esplanade or at Howrah headed for Balisai, or any bus headed towards Digha. From Balisai there are cycle-Van With Motor which you can take to Tajpur /or Tajpur Westbengal Beach. You can also hire a car from Balisai for Tajpur. State Transport Buses are available cost Rs 80. A number of deluxe A.C. coaches run daily, Rs 300/-. Whiteliners is the better option, departing Esplanade at 7:30AM, cost is Rs 300/-. Volvo Bus is available from Gariahat via Esplaned in the morning. Check if the route is operating when booking as some times bus may be canceled for mechanical failure or other reason. Tajpur Hotels Are Every Budget.Luxury, Hotels In Tajpur Westbengal Rates Are so Costly.West Bengal Tourism Have No Hotels In Tajpur,Tajpur Palm Village Resort (Booking-9748832545)